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Our Classes

At our dance studio, we take pride in offering a diverse range of classes tailored to suit dancers of all ages and levels of experience. For our youngest movers, our creative movement classes are a delightful introduction to the world of dance, nurturing their natural love for expression and rhythm. As children progress, they can explore a variety of dance styles through our kids' classes, where our expert instructors blend fun with foundational techniques. For teenagers seeking to refine their skills, our intermediate and advanced classes provide a challenging yet supportive environment, preparing them for future dance endeavors. We also offer specialized programs for adults, whether they are absolute beginners or seasoned dancers looking to elevate their artistry. See more below:


Pre-Ballet is designed for young children ages 3-4. This class combines creative movement with basic ballet technique. Its focus is on building coordination, musicality, and space awareness in children.

Ages 3-5 years old

Intro To Ballet

This class focuses on the child’s development and introduces the student to the fundamentals of classical ballet.

Ages 5-6 years old

Ballet 1
Ages 7-9

This is the first of the two levels of beginner ballet. This class focuses on building the strength and coordination necessary for a good ballet foundation for young dancers.

Ballet 2
Ages 10-12


Ballet 2 is the second out of two levels of beginner ballet. It will prepare students to move on to the intermediate level. This class begins to refine the fundamentals and introduces more complicated classical techniques. 

Intermediate 1

Ages 10-13

 Intermediate Ballet is the first level of Intermediate Ballet. This class focuses on a strong understanding of the fundamentals of ballet techniques and increasing technical ability.

Intermediate 2

Ages 13+

 Intermediate Ballet 2 is the second level of Intermediate Ballet. It moves beyond the fundamentals of ballet technique and introduces students to higher levels of classical ballet vocab. This class focuses on further refining and increasing technical ability.

Advanced Ballet/ Pointe/Partnering

Ages 14+

Advanced Ballet's level focuses on learning and refining technique necessary for classical variations while encouraging the development of artistry while dancing. It is the most advanced level and is considered a preprofessional level class.
​This class is for advanced students 14 and up.

Pointe Class
(Pre-Point, Beginner,
Intermediate/ Advanced)


All Students are required to take 2 regular technique classes a week to be able to take Pre Pointe. This class focuses on developing foot and ankle strength for pointe work. It also starts working on basic pointe fundamentals.


​*No pointe shoes

Intermediate/Advanced Pointe​

This level is designed to further enhance the strength of the dancer en pointe. Its focus is on building the strength, control, movement quality, and artistry of the dancer.

*Pointe Shoes Required

Adult Ballet
(Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)

Designed for dancers of all levels, from beginners to those with previous experience, this class offers a welcoming and supportive environment for adults to explore the timeless art of ballet. Led by our seasoned instructors, each session focuses on building a strong foundation of technique, improving flexibility, and enhancing musicality. Whether you're reigniting your passion for dance or seeking a new form of artistic expression, our adult ballet class promises to invigorate your mind, body, and spirit while fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow adult dancers.

Ages 18+

(Intermediate/ Advanced)

Students will delve into a fusion of styles that challenge convention while nurturing individuality. From fluid floorwork to dynamic partnering, our contemporary dance class empowers dancers to embrace their unique voices and connect deeply with their movements.

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